Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- What is TUTES BERRY?

A1- TUTES BERRY is an e-learning portal for all grades and specialties with a variety of links for online tutorials, textbooks and tests.

Q2- How can we can get access to TUTES BERRY?

A2- TUTES BERRY is a free e-learning portal.

Q3- Who are the people who can benefit from TUTES BERRY?

A3- Any student from grade 1 to university students in any specialty or level. Parents and teachers can also benefit from TUTES BERRY.

Q4- From where TUTES BERRY gets its tutorials?

A4- TUTES BERRY is a complete platform with well selected links for all grades and specialties.

Q5- Who are the members of TUTES BERRY ?

A5- TUTES BERRY team is formed by a high profile academicians, teachers and tutors from different scientific backgrounds. The team has selected the different links for every category passionately.

Q6- What is the content of TUTES BERRY ?

A6- TUTES BERRY contain links for textbooks, prerecorded tutorials, educational animations and tests with corrections.

Q7- Where can I use TUTES BERRY ?

A7- You can use Tutesberry by accessing our website on your computer and soon via Tutesberry app on android and apple app store.

Q8- In addition to e-learning, does TUTES BERRY offer another product?

A8- In addition to TUTES BERRY e-learning service, we have also Olympiad competition for many levels and fields.

Q9- Is my personal data safe?

We care about your privacy. Personal data collected during account registration is stored and protected according to international law.